Manifest Audio Note Raum M4L for ABLETON FREE

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Take MIDI note echoes to the next level: with a variety of innovative rhythmic combinations, performance features, and bounded patterning options, Note Raum truly exists in a realm of its own.

Note Raum takes MIDI Note Echoes beyond – within limits. Featuring a variety of metrical rates to be multiplied, scales to be quantized, swing to be shuffled, time modes to switch, and chance to be gambled, Note Raum already presents a unique take on conventional note delay effects.

Add unique Limit and Bounce modes to create repeating or reflecting note patterns, and Note Raum constructs elaborate musical architectures from the simplest of materials.

Optimized for Push with full Info View annotations and Global Hub integration, it’s easy to learn and fun to use – just place it prior to any instrument in Live 10 or higher running Max for Live.

Version: 1.3 — added Live 11 scales, Global Hub support, bug fixes & optimizations.
Requires: Ableton Live 10.1.x or higher running Max for Live 8.1.x on Mac or PC.
Includes: Note Raum device, user guide.

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