Larry Taylor StandaloneHost v1.8.1 macOS [FREE]

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StandaloneHost is a simple utility that can automatically host one Audio Unit soft synth. This is useful for playing soft synths that do not provide a standalone program, without starting up a DAW or other hosting app. It is essentially the Mac equivalent of the popular SAVIHost program for Windows.

Usage: StandaloneHost is installed in the /Applications folder. To host an Audio Unit soft synth, right click on and select Duplicate. Then rename the duplicate copy to match the file name of the soft synth you wish to host. The file names for the soft synths installed on your Mac can found in the /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components folder.

For example, to host the freeware OB-Xd soft synth, rename your copy of to

Make sure the new name exactly matches the file name of the soft synth bundle in the Components folder (without the .component extension), including any spaces and capitalizations. If there are any typos in the new name, the app will host the Apple DSL Music Device instead. This same synth will also be hosted if StandaloneHost is incompatible with the desired synth.

Compatibilty Information:
StandaloneHost has been tested with many soft synths. This table lists any known issues.

System requirements:
macOS Mavericks (10.9) or newer.

Version history:
1.8.1 (11/26/2022) Added ability to rename app to host any installed soft synth; added help.
1.7.1 (09/05/2022) Added MIDI channel number to preferences.
1.6.1 (08/30/2022) Fixed MIDI event handling.
1.5.1 (01/25/2022) Fixed audio device list to show only devices with outputs.
1.4.4 (01/23/2022) Added MIDI record; added logic to handle powered-off MIDI inputs.
1.1.1 (09/27/2020) Changed from manual loading/saving to user preferences; better handling of MIDI receive errors.
1.0.1 (01/07/2020) Initial release.



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