Jthwho Sick Beat Betty v1.0.3, v1.0.4-beta1 x64 x86 Standalone VST3 WiN LiNUX [FREE]

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An open source MIDI drum machine / generator VST and standalone application.
The plugin provides a set of generators that can be targeted towards a specific MIDI note.

This note is then triggered buy the interaction of a collection of square waves, which are themselves generated based off the period of beats and bars assigned to the generator. Additionally, alongside the square waves, a sawtooth wave is generated with the same period. These can be mixed to set the velocity of each note trigger, thus giving you a fairly complex set of dynamics.

Version 1.0.3 Latest
Windows installer executables are now properly signed by me.
Now providing a build for Ubuntu Linux.
NOTE FOR WINDOWS: This release doesn’t yet copy the vst3 to the “well” known VST path, so you’ll need to add the c:\Program Files\Sick Beat Betty path to your plugin locations in your DAW. Sorry about that. I’ll fix this in future versions.

v1.0.4-beta1 (Windows only)
Changes the beat generation from 8 channels to 16.


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