Hz Box Chorus Plugin by Higher HZ[Windows,MacOS,VST,VST3,AAX,x64]



HZ Box is designed emulate a soundbox, like an instrument body or a guitar speaker. The way the effect works best will tend to vary from instrument to instrument and situation to situation. While it will be a bit possible to just dial up one of the few presets, please be sure that when using HZ Box you put in the time to make the effect match the sound.

The sorts of effects or outcomes HZ Box will help you to achieve are:

  • Instrument Body – Resonance Chamber.
  • Combo Speaker Emulation.
  • Chorus.
  • Phaser.
  • Reverb – simple early reflections.

The idea is that commonly you will be balancing some or all of the above as you use HZ Box to add depth & sparkle to specific sounds in your mix.



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