GroundControl CASTER Live by Ginger Audio

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GroundControl CASTER Live by Ginger Audio is an Audio Plugin Host for macOS. It can host Audio Units Plugins.

GroundControl CASTER is a new and completely FREE version of the GroundControl Cube.

This version will replace the beloved GroundControl Cube & Caster with an all-in-one software to accommodate all your audio routing and mixing needs for streaming. The FREE version comes with an upgrade option to CASTER Live.

The FREE version, CASTER is made for content creation, gaming, streaming, and e-learning and it includes everything you loved in the Cube app and a lot more:

  • Soundboard- Play live sounds from the available samples or add your own.
  • Recording – record your Mac desktop sound and/or individual application sound.
  • Route audio between applications using our virtual devices.
  • Two output tracks, one for streaming and one for monitoring.
  • Plugin support- insert plugins on input and output tracks.
  • Light/ Dark mode user interface.

The premium version, CASTER Live includes many more options – but you can always try it for 14 days before you decide to upgrade.

CASTER Live features:

  • Up to 8 application tracks.
  • Up to 6 microphones or device inputs.
  • Route any track to any application on your Mac with a single click.
  • Use MIDI & Hotkeys for easy control.

With CASTER Live you can Blend multiple audio sources of any kind: applications audio, microphones, and audio interfaces.

Mix and stream to your favorite streaming apps (Twitch, OBS, StreamLabs, Zoom, Restream, etc).

You can separate your audio tracks into various virtual audio devices and get them as inputs in OBS etc.

With CASTER Live you can stream gameplays, create professional screencasts, produce high-quality podcasts, and much more.

Get the FREE version here:

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