GroovOliou Drum Sampler Plugin by BimbolSoft MacOS VSTI Free


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GroovOliou is a VST3 plugin for MacOS developed with the JUCE framework.

The goal is to create a simple drum sample player allowing to browse quickly through long lists of samples.

The UI offers dedicated buttons to load directly the next/previous sample located under the same folder, instead of having to open the navigation menu every time to change the sample.

It also offers the following features:

– Sample start trim.
– Release.
– Play modes (Note On/Off or One-shot).
– Reverse Playback.
– Pitch.
– Balance.
– Gain.
– Multiple outputs.
– Assignable knobs with control changes (ctrl + click on target knob).
– Assignable notes (ctrl + click on target play pad).

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