GrapHack by Analog Obsession

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GrapHack is a famous american graphic equalizer & saturator in a box.

You can simply equalize your sound with famous American Graphic Equalizer and also saturate any band. Saturator and Equalizer have their own independent faders. Also, Gain Compensated Main Input (Drive) & Mix.

You can go crazy with Equalizer & Saturator and then blend with DRY sound to get best balance.

  • 10 Band Graphic Equalizer with Independent Band Saturation.
  • Each band has its own Mode (M button). You can switch between Equalizer and Saturation knob and use both features independently at the same time.
  • Each band has its own Bypass (I/O button). You can simply bypass each band.
  • Gain Compensated Input (Drive).
  • Mix feature to blend DRY and WET signals.
  • ANALOG OBSession label is oversampling. Simply click it and engage 4x oversampling.
  • Touchscreen support.
  • Resizable interface. Simple “Bottom Right Corner Handle” to resize. 50% to 200%.

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