Ginger Audio GroundControl ROOM v2.0.5 macOS [FREE]

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Routing and Monitoring made easy

Seamless integration with ProTools 2022.9
Finally here: From now on you can use your favourite playback device and enjoy GroundControl ROOM at the same time. The Aux IO new feature enhances ROOM to be the perfect companion with Protools 2022.9.


In-the-box audio hub, built with a set of powerful routing and monitoring capabilities

GroundControl ROOM is the next generation of the traditional Control Room section.

A software-based control room that lets you calibrate your speakers and headphones and simplifies your routing through all your system sound, without compromising the audio quality.

GroundControl Room is the first all in the box control room section with perfect digital fidelity.


Unleash your routing capabilities with GroundControl ROOM.
Simultaneously connect and blend multiple input audio devices and route them to multiple output devices with a click of a button.

Feed audio from your DAW, Desktop sound, and any other applications into the GroundControl ROOM hub. You can toggle between virtual and physical audio inputs and compare your mix through a different set of speakers, all in one place.

You can also add as many virtual audio devices as you want, for unlimited virtual Ins and Outs.

All you need is LUFS
GroundControl ROOM is featured with loudness meters on any input and output.

Now you can measure and visualize the loudness of any point in your studio. open our free meter plugin on every input and output of ROOM.

You can choose to monitor the Loudness or True peak value on the ROOM UI dedicated input /output slot.

Measure short term, Integrated, Range , True peak and more are available for free in ROOM.

You can choose your destinatoin / streaming platform to get accurate levels for your mix.

Calibrate your system sound.
Use ROOM with your favorite room correction plug-ins.
By combining your choice of room/headphone correction tool,
ROOM enables you to have the correction you need to ALL your system sound such as various speakers and headphones at once!

Insert your plugins on every input and output.

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