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After over 5 years of development, we are proud to present Emotional Recorder. Performed by renowned recorder virtuoso Will Bedford, this prestinely sampled instrument captures the true essence of the descant recorder, with heartfelt emotion injected into each note. Magnificently sampled into a passionate and receptive instrument, Emotional Recorder transforms any piece through its ability to encapsulate raw, unencumbered feeling.

The library features a groundbreaking true legato engine, with a unique ‘emotion’ control for embellishing the performance with ornaments and natural artifacts which bring the performance to life.

This is underpinned by the inbuilt breath controls, which offer the ability to add natural breaths between phrases, enhancing the realism of the performance.

The humble descant recorder has been long underrepresented in the sampling world, and we hope this library will find a home in your toolkit and enrich your music for years to come.

· A heart-wrenching descant recorder.
· Breathtaking true-legato.
· Unique ‘Emotion’ control for enhancing the performance
· Simple and user-friendly interface.
· Runs in the full Kontakt 5.5 or newer.

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