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Blueprint Greenhead Chimes Interface


Greenhead Chimes introduces our staple Atmosphere Layer mixer to Blueprint. This layer mixer, a staple of many of our libraries, contains three different processed signals created from the original samples. This extends the sonic possibilities of the instrument and makes it instantly inspiring to play with. The second instrument in our Blueprint series was recorded in Fracture Sounds home town of Huddersfield, at Greenhead Park. The team faced tough conditions, recording in between the quacking of ducks at dusk, but came through to produce a library that would influence future creations in Zen: Meditations.

The second instrument in our Blueprint series represents some of the framework created by the developers at Fracture Sounds that informed the creation of the tuned percussion instruments in Zen: Meditations.


Stereo Width – Increase to have greater stereo width, decrease to decrease the stereo spread of the raw Chimes signal only.

Soften Attack – Soften the initial transient of the raw signal, great for creating pads.
Damping – Increase the damping to reduce the note release.

Reverb – Control the overall volume of the built-in reverb. Click the settings cog for more controls.

Atmospheres Layers- Control 4 different layers. The raw layer is the unprocessed original samples, whilst the other 3 layers are processed sounds.

Atmosphere Intensity – Control the dynamics of the Atmosphere Layers only (CC1, Mod Wheel).

Sample Start – Increase the sample start time to reduce latency. Decrease the sample start time for more realism. The latency above is the correct number for the use of negative delay (pre-delay) in your DAW MIDI settings.

Velocity Response – Increase the velocity response to accentuate the volume difference between soft and hard velocities. Reduce the slider to increase the volume of the soft dynamics.

We are delighted to offer full NKS support for Blueprint: Greenhead Chimes. Harnessing the power of Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol keyboards, you have full hands-on control of the instrument, using the built-in display and parameter controls on the keyboard. This also means that Blueprint: Greenhead Chimes is accessible to blind and visually impared musicians. Furthermore, Blueprint: Greenhead Chimes is compatible with the free Kontakt Player, with activation through Native Access, meaning you can use the library without purchasing any additional software. You can download Kontakt Player from the Native Instruments website.

Performed on an outdoor set of playground chimes
Up to 6 round robins.
3 bespoke Atmosphere Layer pads that can be soloed and played separately
Controls for shaping the sound
Simple and user-friendly interface.
Full NKS support – works with Komplete Kontrol hardware.
235mb download size (NCW compressed from a 600mb sample pool).
Runs in the free Kontakt Player (v7 or later). No additional sampler software needed.



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