FIR Convolution Reverb (MacOS) Reverb Plugin by GPU Audio

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GPU Audio has arrived on MacOS. By far the biggest request we’ve had this year is for Apple support, and we’re pleased to announce that the day has arrived. MacOS users now have access to the FIR Convolution Reverb, an early-access plugin which uses Impulse Responses (IRs) to accurately replicate the tonal reflections and sonic characteristics of any acoustic space. Being traditionally one of the most processor intensive plugin effects out there, this FIR Convolver is the perfect audio tool to try out GPU Audio’s unique processing technology – and best of all, it’s FREE.

Producers and musicians know that CPU spikes and inconsistent performance can really dampen a session, so the ability to offload this processing to devices already present in your machine is a huge innovation for the audio industry, and a great opportunity for musicians to get back in the flow. Graphics Cards offer vastly superior and scalable performance gains over CPUs, with the capability to seamlessly process audio in parallel, while having multiple plugin instances running at ultra low latencies.

This new release paves the way for the next generation of pro audio plugins on Apple M1 and M2 devices, with all of the benefits that brings, including Live Machine Learning and A.I. processing – something which Graphics Cards specialise in and excel at. GPU Audio processing is going to put untapped power in your hands, so the demands of creating modern immersive experiences through the likes of Spatial Audio can stop pushing your CPU to its limits and start boosting your creative energy.

GPU Audio is a small, dynamic team with big ambitions; to usher in a new era of accelerated audio computing. For over 10 years, they have been working on making this technology accessible, a feat many people thought impossible given the complex architecture of GPUs. Since their first releases on Windows systems, GPU Audio have garnered huge attention from the industry, with the likes of AMD and NVIDIA so convinced by the huge potential of the technology that they formed official partnerships with the company. Apple support is the next step, as more formats, affiliations and features roll out.

Download the FREE MacOS FIR Convolution Reverb here:

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