EQ1979 Channel Strip Plugin by Belles Ondes

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EQ1979 is a stereo VST analog console strip emulation inspired by a famous British console module with red gain knob.

It features:

  • An input saturation stage, which emulates a transformer based analog input amplifier with saturation ranging from smooth drive to asymetric clipping.
  • A Filtering stage with low shelf, mid band, and high shelf inductor-based filter emulation which accurately emultes frequency response of original strip.
  • A Third order highpass filter emulation.

Input saturation uses a subtle combination of arctangent and polynomial math to first boost 3rd and 5th harmonics while increasingly switching to a full spectrum asymetrical saturation. Loudness partial compensation is linear.

Filtering uses a combination of more than 50 butterworth maximally flat one pole filters to frequency match the existing console strip behavior. A fine-tuned parametric model dynamically parameters those filters upon console strip inputs.

Modeling accurately the inner electronics implied adding several asymetrical bias, noise sources and non linearities which tend to reproduce the unique analog console sound.




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