Elena Design Synlay v1.4 64-Bit VST WiN [free]

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Advanced yet relatively compact delay-based synthesizer, capable of producing very diverse, original timbres and of high quality: from blown to orchestral sounds, from plucked strings to brasses, from amazing basses to synthetic sounds.

Key Features.

-Three parallel, independent Tuned-Delay modules with feedback damping.

-Autoscale-feedbacks-with-pitch option, for all notes to have the same release time.

-Stereo noise source and true stereo processing, for naturally wide stereo sounds (no need to use ambience effects).

-100% click-free (no annoying tiny sawtooth-like pulses, unlike similar synthesizers) thanks to a special custom delay module coded by the author.

-Special resonant multimode biquad filter (upto 8 stages) for the noise source, with VEL/AT/KS/KF control.

– Impulse envelope with Attack and Release velocity control.

-Additional post-delays release gate to shorten feedback.

– LFO with sine or random wave for FM or AM.

-Option to apply Pitch Bend to the upper note only.

-Extensive Velocity and Aftertouch support.

-Polyphonic Glide support.


-No more detuning with feedback damp.

-Delay lines use all-pass interpolation for all notes to have the same HF content.

-Now guaranteed to sound identical at any sample rate.

-Added OneShot option to the main ADSR to avoid “exploding” envelopes.

-No more loud sounds when switching presets.

-Improved feedback knobs linearity.

-Many new presets & general cleanup.

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