Dub-SPL4 by SoundFingers

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Dub-SPL4 is a simple 4 bands audio splitter, specially designed for live performances. Just put it on you master bus and start dubbing around !

It splits the incoming audio into 4 bands : Sub, Low, Medium & High frequencies. It also includes LP & HP filters with dedicated controls to adapt their resonance.


It is specially designed for Dub Music, but also for every genre you can perform live. Be it techno, Drum’n’Bass, HipHop, Electro… And don’t feel restricted to a live use ! Why not use it on a drum bus ? Or on a keyboard ? You can use it as a multi-band EQ, or only use its filters (they are awesome!).

  • Windows 64bits VST3 Format.
  • MacOS 64bits VST3 & AU Formats.



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