Drumlabooh Drum Machine Plugin by Peter Semiletov

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Drumlabooh by Peter Semiletov is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin and a Standalone Application for Windows and Linux. It functions as a VSTi3 Plugin, a LV2 Plugin and a Standalone Application.

Dramlabooh is free, open source LV2/VSTi plugin drum machine for Linux and Windows.

Just add it to MIDI track at your DAW, load the drumkit and get rock. Bundled drum kits are Public Domain and includes, among other, samples from legendary Soviet drum machines LEL.

Dramlabooh features are:

* Supported sample kit formats: Hydrogen (Drumlabooh “see” all that Hydrogen installs), Drumlabooh/Drumrox, SFZ
* Up to 36 instruments with layers (max 127 layers)
* Stereo (with built-in mixer) output
* Built-in mixer with Pan, Volume, mute controls and pan mode option
* Automatic open hihat mute on hihat close
* Drumkit image (if provided) at plugin window
* Written in C++. based on JUSE toolkit
* Two different repositories of Drumlabooh format kits – one on Github, another at Telegram. With Drumlabooh kit format you can make own drum kit in a few minutes.


drumlabooh-installer drum



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