DPinga Timbal by PulpoAudio[Windows,MacOS,VSTI,AU,x86,x64]

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D’Pinga Timbal is a set of timbales drums, cascaras and bells suitable for afro cuban and salsa music.

  • 19 Timbal sounds.
  • 4 Cascara sounds.
  • 2 Mambo Bells with 4 sounds each.
  • 3 Chacha Bells with 3 sounds each.
  • 4 Cymbal sounds.
  • Woodblock.
  • Up to 8 velocity layers each.
  • 4x round robin.
  • Adjustable gain, tuning and pan for each drum/instrument.
  • Adjustable envelope.
  • Timbal light with 16 selected sounds for easy playability.
  • Timbal full including all sounds.

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