Decent Sampler Metal Desk Lamp ABLETON KONTAKT DS FREE


The highly reverberant sound of a metal desk lamp being tapped and bowed. Perfect for adding an industrial touch to your hybrid cinematic scores.
This metal desk lamp has four tension springs which means that, in addition to being a lamp, it’s also a natural reverb chamber. A wide array of percussion sounds can be produced by tapping and scrapping it. In addition, bowing it with a viola bow yields a breathy, organic pad sound.

This instrument library comes with two presets:

· Metal Desk Lamp – Percussion
49 hits of the metal desk lamp neatly laid out across the piano keyboard.
· Metal Desk Lamp – Pads
The sound of the lamp’s bell-like shade being bowed with a viola bow.

DecentSampler format v1.0.2
Ableton Live format v1.0.1
Kontakt format v1.0.1

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