Cool WAV Simple Console Plugin VST3 WINDOWS [FREE]

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Simple Console has some of the features found in an Analog Console. This is a great plugin to use on the first insert of every track on your mix, except for the Master. Add some Drive (Preamp Saturation) for each track to bring warmth and glue. Cut the low/high frequencies of your melodies using the Filters. Gain stage with the Input/Output knob.

Filters: High Pass filter from 20.0hz – 300.0hz | Low Pass filter from 6.0khz to 20.0khz

Input: Gain before going through the Saturation circuit. Range is -10db to 10db. The knob is stepped by 1db

Drive: 0 to 100% | Be careful going past 85% it gets really intense. This is the same as Simple Saturation

Output: Gain after going through the Saturation circuit. Range is -10 to 0db. The knob is stepped by 1db

Double click on each Knob to set back to Default. You can click in each box and type a value, hit enter.

The “Drive” is the same circuit as Simple Saturation. So if you want to use both plugins on a track, keep the drive at 0 on Simple Console and use all the features.


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