Clay and Kelsy gr808 Kick KONTAKT [FREE]

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gr808 kick is our version of the beloved 808 kick. We took our most used sample and ran it through the Voice of God by Little Labs. You can mix the Mid and Sides independently to get the full roundness of the sound, or use it as an addition to your mix without it overpowering. It ranges from a kick drum bass to a beautiful pad in its higher register.

Key Features:

  • 808 sample processed through Voice of God by Little Labs.
  • Convolution reverb with three of our custom impulse responses: “The 80’s, Cloud Grains, and Spirits”
  • Three Pre-sets to showcase gr808s sonic range.
  • Bouncy FX (ping-pong delay)
  • Random [?] button to randomize all parameters.


  • Full Version of Kontakt 6 or higher.
  • 127.1 MB of Disk Space.

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