Chorus Cicada Synth by Tobias James[Kontakt][Decent]



Where I live in New Zealand we get a lot of Cicadas, I think predominantly Chorus Cicadas (Amphipsalta zelandica) and I’m always amazed how loud these little insects are! Even just one on its own can be incredibly loud! Anyway, I happened to spot one by the path one day making a racket, so I ran inside and got my Zoom Livetrak L-8 and a small-diaphrame condenser microphone and spent a few minutes capturing the sound. I’ve pitched the resulting samples as best I can, but it proved quite tricky to detect the pitch, presumably something in the nature of the waveform makes it hard to get a hold on. While editing I discovered I’d also captured some birdsong, so I isolated those and included them as ‘bonus birds’.

To be honest I don’t know how versatile or useful this instrument will be, but as I always say, I hope someone finds this interesting, inspiring, and dare I say perhaps someone will even find a use for it!

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