music-society presents MM20 by Benedict Roff-Marsh for MidiMusiker[win][x86][vsti]


0 0 The thinking behind the synth is to emulate the early single oscillator mono-synths like SH-04 etc. The oscillator is specially modulated to create a noisy, unstable sound which for some sounds is really wonderful and organic. The filter is firy and at times a bit tempramental (not smooth…

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Music-society presents D-Wave(DTW) by Mira-Katharina + Achim Ortmann(GUI)[win][VSTi][x86]


0 0 Features: 4 OSC 2 of them have free drawable waveforms tuneable in 5th Multimode-Filter with 9 Types, Filter-Tracking and Key-Velocity, VCA with own LFO, VCF with own LFO and 4 Destinations: Cutoff – X-Mod-Y-Mod-OSC Mod, 2 XY-Joysticks, EFX-Section with 3-Band EQ, Flanger, Delay, Auto-PAN, KEY-Functions with Pitchbend-Range, Polymode,…

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music-society presents Spirit of the Age by Mira-Katharina


0 0 4 x Oscillators Two of them are normal oscillators with waveforms and harmonics function and the other two oscillators are spectral oscillators with noise functions. 2 x VCA Envelope (ADSR) 2 x VCF Envelope (ADSR) 2 x VCF (each have 9 filter mods, Cutoff, Resonance, Velocity, Tracking) 2…

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Music-Society presents DOREMI by

0 0 Music-Society presents DOREMI by Thanks to get busy and make preset banks  Runs on Win 32, Win64, VST2/3 and OSX-Mac Features: – 2 oscillators, the 2nd oscillator can be used in 3 modes Both oscillators have their own ADSR, volume and sub-oscillator – a noise oscillator with…

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music-society present CBW01 by Saltline


0 0   A small feature list  The CBW01 drum machine was created for CBW01 features 4 drum hit editors and 1 effects section. Each editor and the effect section has independent midi controls including, Midi Channel, Midi note Hi and Lo (key range) and 16 modulation slots (sources,…

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