Caligula Cuddles College Dropout 2.2 AMXD ABLETON FREE

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The College Dropout 2 is the audio slacker simulator. With this, you can replicate the heartwarmingly crappy random volume dropouts and pitch warping effects from your favorite pieces of janky analog trash.
Yeah, there’s a bunch of really nice tape effects out there, but I wanted something with deeper customizable controls for the volume drop, and a pitch-dropping/wow & flutter effect that was more organic sounding and didn’t have the latency issues some other devices had when warping.

There are three primary modes for the effect
Tape (volume drop)
Vinyl (pitch drop)
Failure (volume and pitch drop)
You can also set the left and right channels to operate individually or in unison with the Stereo/Unitary button.

ControlsProbability – Chance of a dropout triggering.
Depth – How far the dropout will go (100% drops the audio out completely).
Downtime – How long it takes for the dropout to reach its minimum.
Uptime – How long for the dropout to return to its default.
Gap – How long the dropout stays at its minimum.
Curve – You can dial in either a linear dropout rate or add a curve factor to the dropouts.
Smooth – Smooths out quick transitions to prevent fast rate jumps. (Useful for high probability settings.)
Drop – How deep the pitch dropping effect goes.
Hiss – Tape hiss effect.

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