Boz Digital Labs Model L Piano FREE Kontakt [FREE]


Boz Digital Labs has released a free piano Kontakt instrument featuring samples captured from a 1926 Steinway Model L Grand Piano.

The freebie appeared a few days ago on Boz Digital Lab’s Facebook page as a Christmas gift for all their followers.

Christmas freebie? A cry for attention? Call it whatever you want.

I created this very VERY basic Kontakt library of my piano. This was a first test because I just wanted to dip my toes in the Kontakt waters, and I had a 1926 Steinway Model L in my living room, so I figured, why not? I put up some mics, collected some samples, and dropped them into Kontakt. This was the result. You are welcome to have it for free.

Here is a demo track provided by Boz Digital Labs to make yourself an idea about the sound:

The author says this is a basic virtual piano instrument with 2 dynamic layers. Every tritone was sampled, also it doesn’t contain release and pedal down samples.

You will need Native Instruments Kontakt 6 to run this library. The free Kontakt Player isn’t supported, but if you’re specifically looking for a free piano that works within the Kontakt Player version, a few days ago we wrote about Hammersmith, a fantastic freebie by Soniccouture.

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