Bobinger Audio Ginger Bobinger Audio Hack v2.0 (For NI Reaktor) WiN macOS [FREE]

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selfsimilar-music generator.

3 voices with mutual fm, 2 delays and a flanger.

the formula:

Xn+1 = Yn-sgn(Xn)*sqrt(abs(b*Xn-c))

Yn+1 = a-Xn

Added Stereo Signal Path

with 3 LFOs

Replaced old delays with new ones with multiple advanced modulation options.

Added 3 Scopes for the Generators

Added Rounds Reverb with Modulation for nice Ambient Extravaganza

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Musician since about 45 years(various flutes, synths) Composer since 1986 admin of the forum + blog Music-Society

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