Bespoke Synth v1.1.0 Windows/MacOS/LiNUX [FREE]


Bespoke is a software modular synthesizer. It contains a bunch of modules, which you can connect together to create sounds.

Bespoke is like a DAW* in some ways, but with less of a focus on a global timeline. Instead, it has a design more optimized for jamming and exploration.

Bespoke is a project I started in 2011 as a way for me to learn more about creating music. Instead of putting in the time to learn the intricacies of an existing DAW, I took on a foolhardy exercise to try to build my own. The software is custom built by me and for me, hence the name “Bespoke”.

Bespoke’s core design is to break everything into separate modules that can be patched together in a custom layout, much like a hardware modular. Bespoke is designed to be highly customizable, with the idea that any of the custom layouts that you create will be “bespoke” to you as well.

In a way, Bespoke is like if I smashed Ableton to bits with a baseball bat, and asked you to put it back together.
Change Log since 1.0.0

all new VST scanner/manager, and better support for large VST collections
python is now packaged in with bespoke: no need to install a specific version
bespoke is now MUCH easier to build from source. many thanks to @baconpaul and @mvf for this massive effort!
added tooltips for spanish, german, and russian. many thanks to the translators!
new modules: notetable, notetoggle, noteexpression
added highlight when holding a patch cable over a target that can receive it
added “throb” effect to patch cable bubbles when shift-dragging a module, to hint at autopatching functionality
made effectchain modules more visible by adding them to the title bar dropdown
improved settings menu: now most setting changes don’t require a restart
visual options: ability to disable background lissajous visualizer, set its color, set the canvas background color, and disable motion blur
better sequencing options for controlsequencer and radiosequencer
add ability to lock drumsequencer rows from being affected by randomizer
fixed pop in drumsynth, and added oversampling option
made it possible to launch bespoke by double-clicking a .BSK file
updated large dropdown lists to stay on-screen, and get paging buttons if they’re too large to fully display
made it possible to spawn LFOs directly, rather than just via right-click on a slider
fixed presets module, it didn’t work at all in 1.0.0
fixed bug where pulser didn’t work in “free” mode
fixed a bunch of little UI snags that I observed new users hitting
microtonal support: the scale module can load SCL/KBM files, or follow oddsound
VSTs now follow the transport correctly
VST midi out support
updated notefilter to not allow out-of-range pitches
added hard limiter to output module, to prevent loud sounds from hitting your speaker
added “always on top” setting for VST windows
show module names in their title bar, for increased clarity
added fix to improve linux performance and allow 60fps
allow for more than 16 input/output channels
fixed issue where presets didn’t name modules correctly, which caused routing issues
fixed issue where created modules would appear in the wrong location if you clicked quickly enough
fixed issue where script modules with multiple note outputs wouldn’t restore their savestate correctly
fix VSTs with complex bussing being handled poorly by bespoke
fixed windows hang caused by dynamic desktop wallpaper or unplugging/plugging in a display
fixed various crashes
added various optimizations
other minor things

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