Audiolatry 808XD x64 VSTi VSTi3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

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808XD is a free and quite simple virtual instrument ROMpler (sample-based) featuring a variety of dirty, deep & hard-hitting bass presets.

The plugin comes with a total of 31 808 bass presets including saturated, distorted, modulated, experimental, and clean versions.

As for the interface, there are included modulation & distortion modules, cabinet emulation, filter cutoff, voice selector & glide, as well as gain, pan, and attack/release envelope.

808XD can be used in genres such as Trap, Hip Hop, EDM, Hardstyle, Pop – etc, basically in any track where dirty and aggressive basses fit well.

– 31 bass presets
– global gain & pan
– envelope section with attack & decay
– LFO modulation section
– voice mode & glide
– lowpass/highpass filter cutoff
– distortion with drive, gain & mix
– cabinet emulation
– VST/VST3 64-bit Windows & VST/VST3 & AU macOS

– Windows 8.1 64-bit to Windows 11 64-bit
– 2 GB of RAM
– 106 MB hard disk space
– VST2 or VST3 64-bit host

– El Capitan to Monterey
– 2 GB of RAM
– 109 MB hard disk space
– VST2, VST3 or AU 64-bit ho

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