Audio Singularity neurontube: debut v1.0.0 x64 VST3/AU/Stdln Win MacOS [FREE]


The more you play with neurontube: debut, the more passionate you will be about playing guitar. You get the whole package: from the insane roar of american high gain, to the british clean bliss. Damn, you even get the edge-of-breakup tones that you know and love.
All this combined with boutique stomp pedals modeled using advanced artificial intelligence techniques, hand picked cabinets and mics captured with precision overkill, which definitely makes neurontube: debut unique in tone.

the pedalboard
BURN distortion/fuzz pedal
CHORUS pedal
TIME MACHINE delay pedal
THE ROOM studio room reverb pedal

the amp selection
Soldano SLO-100
Laney TF300

the cabinet section
1×12 HH Invader Laney TF300 Combo
4×12 Vintage 30 Marshall 1960 LEAD A
4×12 Vintage 30 Modern American Cab

user interface
neurontube: debut is shipped with a precision tuner, input/output level control, input/output level metering, noise gate control, preset editor, amp selector, a pedalboard section, amp section, cabinet section and mute button.

system requirements
neurontube:debut comes in 64-bit VST3 / AU (macOS only) / Standalone app.
Linux version available for debian based distributions.

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