Apisonic Transperc V 1.0.0 MAC / WIN / LINUX AU VST VST3 x64

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Transperc is a transient processor (shaper) created mainly for percussive material, but can be used on any type of sound.
It was developed for the KVR Developer Challenge 2021.

Standard transient shaper controls Attack and Sustain
Optional Filter section
Separate controls for Wet and Dry signal
Overall Gain control +/- 12 dB
Optional Hard Clipper
Resizable GUI (clicking on a name/logo)

Windows 7 or above – VST, VST3 – 64 bit
macOS 10.7 or above – VST, VST3, AU – 64 bit
Linux Ubuntu 18 or above – VST, VST3 – 64 bit


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