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    3. August 2022
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    5. April 2022
    english below Da die Spendenbereitschaft um 95% nachgelassen hat, und da ja die Lebenskosten immer teurer sind, bin ich gezwungen, leider Werbung zu schalten, sonst müsste ich über Kurz oder lang den Server schließen. Vorteil für Gäste und User: Die “Oldies und Exoten-Bundles” stehen nun frei zum Download im alten...

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    2. February 2021
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Agus Hardiman MONSTER SYNTH VST3/AU/64bit/WIn/MAC [FREE]


MONSTER SYNTH is a free synth plugin with many distinctive sounds that you may not find in other synth plugins.To be useful for a lot of people, besides that unique presets, I programmed some ‘common’ presets too It’s a ROMPLER (=sample playback) synth plugin with a few basic set of synthesizer parameter.


Monster Synth Features
Dozens of cool-sounding synth presets. The current version is 2022.04 with 100 presets (This will be updated regularly, please sign-up for my newsletter HERE to be notified of updates). Click (1) for access to the presets or click left/right arrow (2) to select previous/next preset.
Full 88-notes synth sound from A0 to C7 or Note Number: 21 to 108 (3).
Parameter Automation to dynamically change sounds that fit your music (Read below on ‘How To Automate Monster Synth Parameters‘).
Soundbank/Presets can be placed on an external hard disk, no need to place it in a startup drive (Read step #4 below on ‘Monster Synth Download Links and Installation Steps‘).
Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release settings of each sound to tailor to your needs (4).
Parameter/Knob value reset by double-clicking it.
Glide or Portamento Mode (5) when using Mono or Legato Voice Mode (6). Notes: Glide/Portamento doesn’t work in Poly Voice Mode!
Velocity Curve (7) to tailor the way you play (harder or softer sensitivity depends on your taste).
Rate, Depth, and LFO settings with sound sources and destinations and waveform shape (8).
A filter with High Pass or Low Pass types and Frequency value (9).
Master Reverb and Master Volume (10).
Big LCD of Preset Name and Preset Category (11)
Installation Steps
1. Unzip the download files and put the main file (.vst3 or .component or .dll) in your DAW’s
plugin folder
2. Unzip Library and put it into any folder/external hard disk (But don’t change the folder
structure in the original zip file).
3. Insert Monster Synth on your DAW and Choose Library Location
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Musician since about 45 years(various flutes, synths) Composer since 1986 admin of the forum + blog Music-Society

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