Abletunes FOUNDATION : Saxophone [Free Ableton Live Instrument Pack] Ableton Racks & Projects + Sylenth1 Serum Massive Presets [FREE]

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FOUNDATION: SAXOPHONE delivers 10+ multi-sampled saxophone Ableton instrument racks designed for a wide range of genres, from Cinematic and Jazz music to House, Pop and virtually any genre you can think of.

Most racks include staccato, sustain and vibrato articulations and key switches (macro-controls) that allow you to quickly transition between them.

What’s inside?• Saxello – unusual variant of saxophone similar to a straight soprano. Includes staccato, sustain and vibrato articulations.
• Tenor Saxophone – clean version of tenor saxophone rack with staccato, sustain and vibrato articulations.
• Mojito Sax – bright and vibrant tenor saxophone ready for Pop and Dance music productions.
• Infinity Sax – bewitching and melancholic saxophone inspired by the famous song by Guru Josh.
• House Sax – heavily processed saxophone designed for House and Dance music.
• Sax Mute – emulation of saxophone mute sound.
• Sax DUB – dubby and dreamy saxophone rack that is perfect for House and Deep House production.
• Broken Sax – an emulation of a bit cracked/damaged reed. Nothing extreme, just a bit more raspy sounding tenor saxophone.
• Broken Dirty Sax – noisy and raspy sounding tenor saxophone rack.
• Electro Sax – tenor saxophone with frequency modulation, something similar to digital saxophone emulation.
• Sustain Punch Sax – clean sustain saxophone rack with emphasized attack.

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