Vicious Antelope Harmonic Keys Presets PIGMENTS 3 ·FREE·


Harmonic Keys for Arturia Pigments 3 is a free library of 40 keyboard patches created exclusively with additive synthesis (Harmonic engine of Pigments 3). The first two macros are assigned to filter’s cutoff and resonance, the third is assigned to Aux reverb and finally with the 4th Macro you could create some interesting…

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ZAK Sound Morning Coffee Piano KONTAKT ·FREE·


Morning Coffee Piano is a free piano library for Kontakt. It is based on a calm and smooth acoustic piano combined with ambient texture and a music box-style instrument. About Morning Coffee Piano Morning Coffee Piano was created with the idea of ​​making a smooth, relaxing, and chill piano. To…

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Elemental Child – In the middle of nowhere

In the middle of nowhere – Everything seems strange

In this wasteland – you have to find your own way

In the middle of nowhere – nothing is as it was

But you can choose – which way to go


Mitten im Nirgendwo – Alles erscheint fremd

In dieser Einöde musst du sehen, wo du bleibst

Am Ende der Welt – nichts ist wie es war

Aber du hast die Wahl, welchen Weg du gehen willst