Nettle by Fellusive 0 (0)

Nettle explores the unique and relatively under-explored world of scanned synthesis.

The timbre of the sounds you create constantly evolve, as the waveform produced is made by tracing (scanning) the positions of masses that are always in motion. These masses are set into motion when you press a key on your MIDI controller – this simulates the action of a hammer striking the connection of masses.
Through the user’s manipulation of the masses, the springs that connect them, and the hammer that excites them, a wide range of dynamic, almost sentient, sounds are possible.
  • 32-voice polyphony.
  • Fully automatable knobs.
  • Filter (low-pass, high-pass) and reverb available for signal processing.
  • Four LFOs and ADSRs available for modulation, along with two sources for modulation via your MIDI controller.
  • Built-in presets, as well as the ability for users to save and modify their own presets.
  • A randomize button.


White Coat Hypertension 0 (0)

White coat hypertension (WHT), more commonly known as white coat syndrome, is a form of labile hypertension, in which people exhibit a blood pressure level above the normal range, in a clinical setting, although they do not exhibit it in other settings. It is believed that the phenomenon is due to anxiety.

Die Weißkittel-Hypertonie (WHT), besser bekannt als Weißkittel-Syndrom, ist eine Form der labilen Hypertonie, bei der Menschen in einer klinischen Umgebung einen Blutdruckwert oberhalb des Normalbereichs aufweisen, obwohl sie ihn in anderen Umgebungen nicht aufweisen. Es wird angenommen, dass das Phänomen auf Angstzustände zurückzuführen ist.