AudioCR MIDI FX Freeze v1.0.1 macOS [FREE] 0 (0)

onvert any MIDI FX plugin output in Logic Pro X to the editable midi region. Logic Pro X 10.5.1 Required.

Convert any MIDI FX plugin output in Logic Pro X to the editable midi region. Use chord trigger or arpeggiator and convert its outputs to editable midi. Just place the plugin as the last MIDI FX in the plugin chain, enable record, and playback your region on track, drag converted midi back to Logic PRO X track. You can now edit notes and fine-tune changes that were not possible before.

Logic Pro X version: 10.5.1 is requiered.

1. Insert MIDI FX Freeze as last MIDI FX Plugin (After chord trigger, arpeggiator, etc.)
2. Select Project Sample Rate to match the current project setting.
3. Enable Record Button.
4. Playback midi region on track.
5. Drag fully editable midi region back to track.


AMP Soft Clipper, EQ and Stereo Shaping Effect by ProduceRNB 0 (0)

AMP is our new effect plugin designed specifically as a tool to quickly make drum sounds punchier, more present and more demanding in a mix. AMP is also a great all-around tool for individual instrument sounds when it comes to making them sound louder and more interesting without over processing or clipping.:

  • AMP brings you a highly sensitive EQ, a near transparent Limiter with Soft Clip, Saturation and Stereo Control.
  • Easily make drums, 808’s and other sounds louder and more present in your mix without over processing.
  • Quick, point and click EQ with unlimited bands, Easy to read Analyzers and straight forward controls.
  • Stereo shape any sound. Either make things wide or even mono.
  • Saturation is also conveniently placed into this plugin for those who would like to add color.