JELSTUDIO Gonio Metron free Stereo Image Visualization plugin

JELSTUDIO releases Gonio Metron free Stereo Image Visualization plugin Features 32bit and 64bit plugin Freeware For Windows 7, 8, 10 Zip with .dll (no .exe installation) No DRM Can automate stereo-width Download: JELSTUDIO_GonioMetron_20200928_windows7-10,x86,x64,VST2, (765 KB) or JELSTUDIO_GonioMetron_20200928_windows7-10,x86,x64,VST2,Full Hits: 7

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Kilohearts kHs One v1.1.23 VST AU AAX WIN OSX [FREE limited time]

Kilohearts kHs One v1.1.23 VST AU AAX WIN OSX [FREE limited time] Kilohearts is offering its software synthesizer kHs ONE as a free download. The straight-forward subtractive polyphonic synthesizer is available in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac. kHs ONE was not designed to be a…

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fircomp by Jon V Audio


fircomp is a clean compressor with punchy attack, musical release, and optional lookahead smoothing. For tracks or busses. Zero/low latency and low CPU. Warm distortion at extreme settings. Simple UI and fast workflow. Attack stage tuned for punch. True zero attack (same-sample) when 0.0 ms is selected. Dual parallel release stage with…

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Surge Synth Team releases Surge v1.8.0 free plugin synth


– New skins, including the lovely “Royal Surge” skin and greatly improved Classic and Dark skins – New filters, with multiple new filter models – A complete implementation of a multi-segment envelope generator (MSEG) as a modulation source – A large number of Airwindows FX available in the FX chain…

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Giant Verb by Digital Systemic Emulations


Giant Verb – Designed for infinite spaces Total feedback up to 100% (=infinite decay time). Analog input behavior: pre-warmth factor. Reverb modulation for smooth & discrete chorusing. Direct & intuitive UI, optimized for sound over technical stuff. Ultra low space (5 Mo), super light CPU use (~0%) so you can…

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Mooni DSP Mooni Stereo Widener & Filter WIN VST3 [FREE]

Mooni DSP Mooni Stereo Widener & Filter WIN VST3 [FREE] Indonesian developer Mooni DSP has announced the release of Mooni Wider, a free VST plugin for Windows. The man behind Mooni DSP is Jevri Merdi, mixing & mastering engineer, producer, songwriter/composer, and vocalist from Indonesia. He collaborated with many Indonesian…

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Music-Society presents DOREMI by

Music-Society presents DOREMI by Thanks to get busy and make preset banks  Runs on Win 32, Win64, VST2/3 and OSX-Mac Features: – 2 oscillators, the 2nd oscillator can be used in 3 modes Both oscillators have their own ADSR, volume and sub-oscillator – a noise oscillator with its own…

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Bertom Audio Air Shelf free dynamic EQ plugin

Air Shelf is a plugin designed to shape your (very) high end, mostly above 10kHz. Use the Boost knob to get more highs, and the Tame knob to keep high frequency transients under control. Features : – Boost : A 1st order high shelf centred at 20kHz, fully decramped up to 21kHz, with a very smooth and gradual response. –…

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