sTiltV2 by TBProAudio

sTiltV2 by TBProAudio sTiltV2 is a linear phase filter which tilts the audio spectrum around a given center frequency. Features: distortion free processing engine. scalable GUI*adjustable slope from -6dB/Oct to +6dB/Oct. adjustable center frequency. 5 quality modes: low, eco, medium, high, max. unit autogain. switchable clip protection. filter limit. stereo/left/right/mid/side channel selection. stereo/left/right/mid/side…

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Flintpope Molekules Kontakt Sample Library [FREE]

Flintpope Molekules Kontakt Sample Library [FREE] MOLEKULES FOR KONTAKT 6 Is a free re-release (with a new interface) of a heritage instrument I made by playing a piano sample through various Reaktor Molekular presets with a view to creating haunting, evolving sounds, resulting in ten presets using ten unique samples….

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TDR Molotok


TDR Molotok Molotok, a simplified version of TDR Molot GE, is a musically characterful dynamics processor. Meaning “Small Hammer” in Russian, Molotok provides a rich range of exciting compression colors at your fingertips. While Molotok doesn’t emulate any “vintage” device, its sound and behaviour was definitely inspired by their most…

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U-he Zebralette v2.9.2 VST AU AAX x32 x64 WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE]

U-he Zebralette v2.9.2 VST AU AAX x32 x64 WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE] Zebralette: mini Zebra Zebralette is our version of a Trojan horse. A free synthesizer and an introduction to Zebra2’s fantastic oscillators. Perhaps it will persuade you to try Zebra2 and upgrade. If one oscillator is this powerful, imagine…

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B-Step Sequencer by Monoplugs

B-Step Sequencer by Monoplugs   B-Step Sequencer is a unique, powerful step sequencer plugin and standalone application for creating melodic loops, chord progressions, arpeggios, drum grooves, and basslines. B-Step Sequencer comes with an array of features like chord programming, sequencer ratcheting, shuffle, drag-n-drop, copy, MIDI learn, and much, much more. An embedded manual…

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airwindows MatrixVerb [Free] Windows, OSX, Linux


First, the Swiss Army Knife reverb! (a more cooperative one is to follow) This is the result of some deep diving into Householder reverb algorithms (a way of taking four delay lines and turning them into infinite reverb). It’s different from anything I’ve done before, reverb-wise: extremely flexible, and incorporating…

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Impulse by Bojo software[win][x86][VSTi]


Features: Simple, easy to use interface. 16 voice polyphony. 1, 2 or 4 oscillators in each voice. True stereo mode. Two volume envelopes. 5 different oscillator waveforms. Waveforms effectively anti-aliased. Pulse width/distortion. 4 different resonant filters. 2 LFOs with 8 different waveforms (incl. random). Portamento & Autobend. Stereo FX (Chorus,…

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Uraleq by Flandersh


Uraleq for VST is an advanced multiband processor with multiband compressors, delays, and balance controls for VST3 (64-bit). Featuring comprehensive Mid/Side processing, higher order FIR filters, flexible parameter settings, and LFO modulation, Uraleq is suitable for both mixing, mastering, and creative processing. Uraleq Install

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YAVA4 by Krakli Plugins


There have been 3 previous YAVAs from Krakli. (YAVA = Yet Another Virtual Analog). The ideas behind the YAVA line is to have different Osciillator types combined with a complex routing through filters, Amps and effects, topped off with a flexible modulation matrix. YAVA4 will need time to get to…

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